Run for Fun Supports Caring Circle

Nine years ago I started the Reindeer Run as I wanted to offer a winter walk/run event to get us outside and moving in the grey and drizzle and at the same time support Bowen Island’s Christmas Hamper Fund. We raise heart rates, have a whole lot of fun in less than perfect weather conditions – all the while helping to ensure everyone’s Christmas is a little merrier. How wonderful is that?
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Knick Knack Nook Auction supports Caring Circle

It was an evening of magic, possibility and delightfully frenzied bidding. The biennial KKN auction, this year supporting Caring Circle, ignited Cates Hill Chapel on Saturday evening. The room was festooned with enticing “objects of desire” that just couldn’t be resisted.
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Thank you Bowen Firefighters!

Dear Editor:

Caring Circle would like to thank the Bowen Island firefighters for their recent donation to our organization.

We are proud to know that Bowen’s firefighters support us in our work – their donation will be put to good use providing health-related services that are very much needed in our community.

The founding purpose of Caring Circle is to help people feel safe and secure on Bowen by helping them connect to health and social service resources on Bowen and in Vancouver.
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Acupuncture, naturopathy and counseling come together at Artisan Square

Dr. Alea Bell and Courtney Morris are happy to announce the opening of a new wellness clinic, Bowen Island Naturopathic and Acupuncture Clinic.

We met last spring, it was one of those thing where people keep saying ‘you two should meet.’ When we met, it was so easy; we shared an interest in family wellness. We both wanted to build a practice on island to support the community and be closer to our own families. We both also have a shared interest in treating women and children’s health. Once that was established it all fell into place. We thought about our ideal location and found a lovely and perfect spot in Artisan near Artisan Eats. The clinic is still taking shape. We would like to display local artists art and we are in the process of creating a small herbal dispensary of loose herbs and supplements for colds/flus, allergies, sleep, mood and more.

Our group of practitioners is also growing. We started with the two of us; Dr. Alea Bell, who is a Naturopathic Doctor and Courtney Morris, who is Registered Acupuncturist and Homeopath. Recently, we have been fortunate to add Julie Hughes and Mary Coleman to our team who will be offering their counselling services.

What we all have in common is a holistic approach to health and a passion to serve our local community.

What can you expect for a naturopathic consultation? Dr. Bell will go through an in-depth consultation, order or review recent lab work and then implement a carefully researched, practical and personalized treatment plan. It is her goal to treat the underlying cause of disease, rather than just managing symptoms. Treatment plans may include dietary changes, herbal medicine, vitamin/mineral supplementation, lifestyle counselling, injection therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy and/or pharmaceuticals when necessary. Dr. Bell treats a wide range of conditions and has a special interest in women’s health, hormone imbalances, pediatrics, fertility/pregnancy, fatigue, colds/flus and digestive ailments. She welcomes all ages and conditions into her practice.

For an acupuncture consult, it’s all about rebalancing. A health history will be taken to get information on which systems need to be balanced. For example, women should not have pain, PMS or a heavy cycle. Or if you or your child have stress, insomnia, tummy aches, all these things give information of what is imbalanced in the body. Acupuncture, lifestyle changes can help to correct the symptoms.

If you aren’t sure about what would be a right fit for you feel free to call, we are all happy to chat. What fits for some, does not fit for others; we as practitioners know and honour this.

Our services are covered under many extended healthcare plans. Insurance plans typically reset in January so now is a great time to start a program and continue with the momentum into the New Year.

Knick Knack Nook Auction – Saturday, October 15th 7pm

Bid on items now! All proceeds are being donated to Caring Circle, thank you KKN!

More Stories from Caring Circle

This article comes to follow-up Caring Circle’s article in the June Bulletin. You may already know about some of our more visible activities like the Driver’s Program and our partnership in the Lunch Program. We hope that you will watch for the launch of our Befriending Program this fall. Caring Circle was founded to help people navigate the health care system. Often this work is not visible except to those individuals and families whose lives are affected. The following stories may help you to understand some of the positive impacts our work has in people’s lives.

➢ One young woman in her early 20’s, who has had difficulty with ADHD, was becoming increasingly distressed around her inability to find meaningful work off the island. Caring Circle did some research and found an organization in North Vancouver that meets with people with disabilities. They did an assessment of this young woman’s skills and interests and matched her with a job in the creative arts. She now has the first secure job she’s had in many years and she is delighted. Needless to say, so are her parents.
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Do Bowen Islanders know what we do?

We were told recently that although Bowen Islanders are concerned about health and the provision of health care on the island, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they know anything about the work of Caring Circle. One suggestion to our board, by a local councilor was to make sure Islanders know more about the work we do.

We always feel that we’re talking to our Bowen Community on a regular basis: on the Forum, on Facebook, in the Undercurrent and on our website.

When you’re living and breathing your work, you sometimes assume others are also paying attention. From our viewpoint, there are many Islanders who are having trouble coordinating the health services they need. Caring Circle is reaching out to them in as many ways as we can, providing support. It’s rewarding work and we are told, at least weekly “I can’t thank you enough. This information has made all the difference.” or “thank goodness you’re here to help”.
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September community lunches are a go!

The Community Lunches are indeed going ahead in September – we’ve just been advised that the Legion is now available for the month of September, so our team kicked into high gear and is raring to go!

Just drop into the Legion on Tuesday the 13th and 27th this month from 11:30 – 1:00 pm. $5.00 for organic borscht and seafood chowder soup (on the 13th), artisan breads, dessert, tea & coffee and the company of friends! Transportation is available just call Caring Circle at 9100. The Community Lunch program is a partnership between SKY, Caring Circle Health Resource Centre, The Little Red Church on Bowen Island, Bowen Island Legion, Snug Cove House Bowen and Bowen Island Community Recreation (BICR) – see you there!

NextGen Hearing – Collins Hall this Wed. Aug. 31

Free Hearing Screening Test or a free clean and check of your hearing aids.

NextGen Hearing will hold a clinic at Collins Hall this Wednesday August, 31 from 10:45 to 3:30. They will once again be offering free Hearing Tests and introducing a free Hearing Aid Clean and Check Clinic.

Hearing aids should be checked at least four times a year, to help prolong the life of the hearing aids, and to ensure that they are working optimally.

To make an appointment for either a Hearing Screening Test, or for the Clean and Check Clinic, please call Lori or Vivien at NextGen Hearing, West Vancouver, 604-281-3691

Legion Lunch this Tuesday August 23 – Collins Hall

African peanut chicken and Summer vegetable and barley are on the menu!

They will be served at Collins Hall for the month of August. Just drop in on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 11:30 – 1:00 pm. $5.00 for gourmet soup, artisan breads, dessert, tea & coffee and the company of friends! Transportation is available just call Caring Circle at 9100. The Community Lunch program is a partnership between SKY, Caring Circle Health Resource Centre, The Little Red Church on Bowen Island, Bowen Island Legion, Snug Cove House Bowen and Bowen Island Community Recreation (BICR) – see you there!