Our Vision

To help enrich and empower our diverse community so that we can live a more fulfilled, safe, and healthy life, while remaining in our Bowen Island neighbourhood.


To assist people of Bowen Island to work together to meet the challenges of obtaining the health care and social support services necessary for them to live with a sense of wellbeing at home and with a feeling of social connection in their community. Our intention is to build a strong and sustainable community-based health resource centre that will respond to the unmet needs of the community and advocate and encourage capacity building, development and change. The Caring Circle Health Resource Centre will provide health and wellness information, guide people through the health care system, act as the lead in health-oriented community programs and initiatives, and advocate for improved services.

Cottage InteriorHistory

The ‘Caring Circle’ is a grassroots volunteer society, incorporated as the Caring Circle Health & Wellness Society of Bowen Island in February 2014. We came together in April, 2012 as a response to the obvious vulnerability of Islanders to access the health care and resources they required to remain on the Island. Inspired and informed by two health needs assessments done on Bowen – the 2007 “Abbeyfield (Snug Cove House) Needs Assessment” and the 2009 “Age-Friendly Report to Council”, the “Bowen Island Health Resource Guide” was written and distributed on March 7, 2013. This guide has community based Bowen specific health resources. In order to keep this document a “living document”, we have reproduced the guide on our website launched in May 2013 – www.caringcircle.ca – which also has the guide in a downloadable pdf format. The website also has a myriad of other health and wellness information that supports people on the Island to live with a sense of wellbeing and vitality. The Caring Circle Health Resource Centre is a storefront space located in the heart of our Village on Bowen Island and was opened on Feb. 20, 2013. The centre is staffed by Program Director three days/week. This position is supported by a team of 4 community volunteers. The centre offers health and wellness information, both printed and electronic, health navigation and support from Program Director, and has a welcoming “living room” space for groups and individuals to meet in their quest for information, support and connection.


1. To support people in finding the information and services they need to feel healthy, safe and connected with others in “their neighbourhood surrounded by the sea”.

2. To have a ‘storefront’ community space for residents to gather, with a program director working to meet the emerging needs of the community.

3. Develop meaningful partnerships with health care providers and supporters to advocate and improve health and social services for Bowen Island.

4. Collaborate with other organizations on Bowen Island for integration of services in order to build capacity in the community.

5. Involve as many community members as volunteers to create a robust network of neighbours helping neighbours, which enriches and strengthens community relations.