Palliative Care

B.C. Palliative Care Benefits Program

Assists people of all ages to receive end of life care at home. A physician referral is required for this program. It provides some nursing care, medical supplies / equipment and medications. All patients in this program have the following services available to them:

Home Care Health care support at home including nursing.
Lion’s Gate Hospital Palliative care unit for assessment and for more acute patients.
North Shore Hospice Supportive care. East 14th, North Vancouver. 604-904-6178.
Palliative Supportive Care Program Providing free counselling to patients, family members and caregivers who are in the North Shore Palliative Care Program. 604-988-3131 ext. 4701

Funeral Arrangements

Any funeral home you choose will pick up a body on Bowen and take to their facility during BC Ferry hours.

Memorial Society of B.C.

A non-profit organization that has negotiated preferred pricing for members for funeral planning and services. Membership fee is $40 / lifetime. Contact 1-888-816-5902 –