Driver Program

BarryDriverSPLEASE NOTE: This program is cancelled till further notice. We will provide an update once the program resumes.

This program is designed to provide transportation to Bowen Islanders of any age who need to get to health related appointments and have no other means available to them.

Rides may be available for on-island as well as mainland appointments.

We have 25 volunteer drivers, however, this does not mean that we guarantee the availability of a driver at any time.  We will send out an email to our drivers with your request and will contact you if and when we can provide you with a ride.

Please give as much lead time as possible.  We encourage you to have a TAP form in order to cover the cost of the driver and passenger.

If you don’t know how to fill out a TAP form, come to the Caring Circle office and a volunteer will assist you in filling out this form.

If you don’t have a TAP form and need a ride to the mainland, you are responsible to pay for ferry costs.

You can also find more information about TAP forms in the local Bowen Island Phone book in the blue pages section, page 6.

Please be advised that your privacy and confidentiality will always be respected.

Call Caring Circle at (604) 947-9100 or email