Bowen Island Health Resource

The Bowen Community has funded two significant reports that examined the health care needs of Bowen Islanders with a focus on the senior demographic but encompassing a wider spectrum of health support services. Both reports recommended the establishment of a “comprehensive list of health and support resources that is kept up to date and published.” This directory is the fulfillment of that recommendation.

A printed version of the Bowen Island Health Resource Guide was distributed to every residence on Bowen Island in March 2013.

This online version will be a living document, constantly updated as required. You can browse the content of the guide by selecting the topics on the sidebar to the right.

The information from the Caring Circle’s Resource Guide, Website, or from the Resource Centre’s personnel is not a substitute for professional counsel. The names of service providers in our Resource Guide are included by their request and are in no way an endorsement of their services. The Program Director and Volunteers of Caring Circle are not responsible for your choice of service provider, and are excluded from any and all liability for negligence arising in connection with the use of suggestions or listings and/or the actions of any service provider. Individuals contacting a listed service are responsible for verifying information, references and credentials about the prospective service.

Program Director of the Caring Circle Health Resource Centre – Colleen O’Neil

Contact: Colleen O’Neil

Phone: 604-947-9100


This guide was primarily supported by Provincial Funding administered by UBCM. Other funding was generously contributed by the Bowen Island Community Foundation and the Knick Knack Nook Re-Use-It Store Society.

Photographs supplied by Lorraine Ashdown, Colleen O’Neil and Kathleen Moir.