Blue Skies Turning Grey

blue skies with clouds

Caring Circle has a solution…

Early this morning, the trees on Dorman Point were hidden by a thick fog. The chill crept over the deck from the grey-green water, the clouds rolled in and the rains came down. Now what we hear is the constant droning pitter-patter on the roof. We are settling in for the rainy season – not big exciting thunderstorms with lightning, just a never-ending drizzle. The fall is upon us.

What the change in weather brings to many people is the feeling of grey. Especially here on Bowen, depression can come over you and take you down. When you feel low, you may tend to stop doing things. You may stop going out and avoid seeing friends. As a result, you may feel even worse, and then feel like doing even less. It can turn into a downward spiral.

If this describes your pattern, it is good to prepare. For the second time, in response to Bowen Islanders’ requests, the Caring Circle is offering a skills group for adults experiencing depression and anxiety. This group is also suitable for those who are simply having trouble managing their stress.

This group is a follow-up to the mental health outreach provided last winter and spring when the Caring Circle hosted a mental health forum and implemented a survey focused on mental health in order to get a sense of what the needs and preferences are for mental health programming on Bowen. Forty-seven interested islanders attended the Forum and/or filled out the online survey. Based on the results of the survey, we began our outreach with four education and skills-building sessions in May 2014. The participants were very appreciative of the facilitation that was offered to them.

Because of their enthusiastic response, we are now offering a six-week, once-weekly, program facilitated by Maureen Mackey (Psychiatric Nursing Instructor) and Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt (Registered Psychologist). The six skill-building sessions have been designed for those personally experiencing depression or anxiety. The sessions will be free of charge starting November 5th and continuing until December 10th.

If you are interested in joining us, please call Caring Circle by October 27th at 604-947-9100 and ask to speak to Colleen O’Neill to find out whether this would be a good fit for you. This program is starting in three weeks and may fill up quickly. Registration is limited to 12 people.

Confidentiality was identified as critical in the survey and is understood as being of particular concern for all of us living in an island community. Caring Circle and the facilitators involved are committed to respecting the privacy and anonymity of all who call in and who attend the meetings.

Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt is in private psychological practice here on Bowen and at “Docs on the Bay” in Horseshoe Bay.  Maureen Mackey RPN, RN, BSN, MEd(DE) is a Psychiatric Nursing Instructor at Douglas College.