Caring Circle Offering Education Sessions on Anxiety and Depression

We’ve had a glorious sunny summer and fall. For many of us, that means having fun with family and friends. For some of us, however, witnessing all that connectedness makes us feel even more alone.

Depression can come over you and take you down, especially at times when many others seem to be thriving. When you feel low, you may tend to stop doing things. You may stop going out and avoid seeing friends. As a result, you may feel even worse, and then feel like doing even less. It can turn into a downward spiral. Similarly, anxiety can disable you from doing what you really want to do, building upon itself, reducing your ability to get out and BE yourself.

If these scenarios sound familiar, consider getting help right here on Bowen. For the fourth time, in response to Bowen Islanders’ requests, the Caring Circle is offering a skills group for adults experiencing depression and anxiety. This group is also suitable for those who are simply having trouble managing their stress and for those who have a history of depression and anxiety and want to prevent recurrences. Those who have completed the group series before have identified that the group experience was highly healing and helpful—although naturally a bit nerve-wracking on the first day! The facilitators will welcome you and help you feel comfortable in taking that first step.

We are offering a six-week group program facilitated by Maureen Mackey (Psychiatric Nursing Instructor) and Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt (Registered Psychologist). The six skills-building sessions have been designed for those personally experiencing depression or anxiety. The Wednesday evening sessions will be free of charge and start October 14th, continuing until November 18th.

Confidentiality was identified as a critical issue here on Bowen in our mental health survey done last year. Caring Circle and the facilitators involved are committed to respecting the privacy and anonymity of all who call in and who attend the meetings. Rivendell has generously offered space for our education sessions, which offers us a very private gathering space.

If you are interested in joining us, please call Caring Circle by October 12th at 604-947-9100 and ask to speak to Colleen O’Neil to find out whether this would be a good fit for you. This program is starting in a week and may fill up quickly. Registration is limited to 8 people.

Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt is in private psychological practice here on Bowen and “Docs on the Bay’. Maureen Mackey RPN, RN, BSN, MEd(DE) is a Psychiatric Nursing Instructor at Douglas College.