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Acupuncture, naturopathy and counseling come together at Artisan Square

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Dr. Alea Bell and Courtney Morris are happy to announce the opening of a new wellness clinic, Bowen Island Naturopathic and Acupuncture Clinic.

We met last spring, it was one of those thing where people keep saying ‘you two should meet.’ When we met, it was so easy; we shared an interest in family wellness. We both wanted to build a practice on island to support the community and be closer to our own families. We both also have a shared interest in treating women and children’s health. Once that was established it all fell into place. We thought about our ideal location and found a lovely and perfect spot in Artisan near Artisan Eats. The clinic is still taking shape. We would like to display local artists art and we are in the process of creating a small herbal dispensary of loose herbs and supplements for colds/flus, allergies, sleep, mood and more.

Our group of practitioners is also growing. We started with the two of us; Dr. Alea Bell, who is a Naturopathic Doctor and Courtney Morris, who is Registered Acupuncturist and Homeopath. Recently, we have been fortunate to add Julie Hughes and Mary Coleman to our team who will be offering their counselling services.

What we all have in common is a holistic approach to health and a passion to serve our local community.

What can you expect for a naturopathic consultation? Dr. Bell will go through an in-depth consultation, order or review recent lab work and then implement a carefully researched, practical and personalized treatment plan. It is her goal to treat the underlying cause of disease, rather than just managing symptoms. Treatment plans may include dietary changes, herbal medicine, vitamin/mineral supplementation, lifestyle counselling, injection therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy and/or pharmaceuticals when necessary. Dr. Bell treats a wide range of conditions and has a special interest in women’s health, hormone imbalances, pediatrics, fertility/pregnancy, fatigue, colds/flus and digestive ailments. She welcomes all ages and conditions into her practice.

For an acupuncture consult, it’s all about rebalancing. A health history will be taken to get information on which systems need to be balanced. For example, women should not have pain, PMS or a heavy cycle. Or if you or your child have stress, insomnia, tummy aches, all these things give information of what is imbalanced in the body. Acupuncture, lifestyle changes can help to correct the symptoms.

If you aren’t sure about what would be a right fit for you feel free to call, we are all happy to chat. What fits for some, does not fit for others; we as practitioners know and honour this.

Our services are covered under many extended healthcare plans. Insurance plans typically reset in January so now is a great time to start a program and continue with the momentum into the New Year.

Big Steps Towards Better Health Care on Bowen

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Caring Circle LogoBowen Island Undercurrent
Jan 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM
In the 20 months since its inception, members of the Caring Circle’s Advisory Board have been working vigorously to determine health needs and to facilitate access to health and wellness information on Bowen.

The first initiative was the publication of the Bowen Island Health Resource Guide in March. The idea grew out of a recommendation by the “2009 Age Friendly Report to Council” which stated that Bowen Islanders needed a guide to help them navigate through the complexity of the health system.

In February, Colleen O’Neil, a retired RN, took on the job of health navigator/coordinator to assist people in accessing the health information they require.

Most recently, Caring Circle has been actively participating in the Vancouver Coastal Health’s “My Health, My Community” survey, which is designed to inform the Ministry of Health about gaps in health services.
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Caring Circle Lends a Hand with Research

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hands holdingBy Susanne Martin – Bowen Island Undercurrent
Published: October 19, 2012 02:00 PM
What do you do when you or a family member gets ill and needs to be cared for in a home on Bowen? In the case of an accident or emergency, there might not be a lot of time to do the research and set up a support system that is needed. Here is where the Caring Circle comes in.

Colleen O’Neil and Diane Marshall have put their heads together and met with a number of community members to compile an impressive list of resources that will make it easier for island residents to cope with a medical emergency.
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