Caring Circle has a broad vision of reaching out to our entire community in as many ways as needed with health and wellness support. In response to feedback from our community, Caring Circle is launching a new program. Caring Circle’s CONNECTIONS Program aims to provide companionship to those on the Island who are seeking social contact and companionship. The volunteers in our CONNECTIONS program will come and visit people in their home to chat, share stories, read, play a game or do a craft, take a walk together, or perhaps be a grand-figure to a family. Perhaps once a week – whatever works for both parties.

Companioning Program Brochure

Interested in being a volunteer?

This may be the opportunity for you – visit someone in their home offering connection, presence, and laughter! For the next few months we will be gathering people who want to volunteer in our CONNECTIONS program. We will provide training so that volunteers are comfortable in their role in offering companionship and coming into the homes and lives of other people. Once trained, we will align volunteers with those seeking social connection at home. As a volunteer, you would not run errands or do jobs around the house. This is about companionship.

Interested in having a visitor?

This program is for you if you feel that you would like more social connection and have someone visit you and share companionship. We are aware that Bowen’s rough terrain can sometimes make getting out and about difficult. Or maybe you have responsibilities at home and can’t get up and leave the way you would like to. Perhaps a little more social contact might help you feel a greater sense of connection. Caring Circle and our volunteers would like to make a difference in your life. This is about socializing with another Islander. If, on the other hand, you need help with running errands or doing jobs around the house, there are plenty of people on the Island available for this kind of work – just ask Colleen at Caring Circle.

To become a part of CONNECTIONS, either as someone interested in a regular visit, or as someone interested in volunteering to visit, please contact Colleen O’Neil at 604-947-9100 or email: info@caringcircle.