Lending a Hand to Bowen Paramedics

ambulanceDear Editor,

On February 15th I had to go to hospital by ambulance because of a leg injury. I was fortunate to have the capable assistance of two Bowen ambulance attendants. Enroute, because of my interest in Caring Circle, I was curious about what we as an organization could do to support the Ambulance Service. Both attendants immediately suggested that we tell Islanders the importance of the following information:

  • that every householder on Island take the responsibility to make sure that their address number was readily visible on the road in front of their house.
  • that someone come from the house to stand on the road to meet the ambulance.
  • that the Dispatcher at the time of contact be given the cell phone number of the person who would be waiting on the road.

Throughout the trip to the hospital I felt I was in very competent hands. They arrived within 20 minutes of our call and later handled the challenges of getting my stretcher down the ramp and onto the water taxi with good grace and were reassuring on the ride over rough water. In Horseshoe Bay we were met by two North Shore attendants and all four had the difficulty of hoisting my stretcher up the ramp to the waiting ambulance.
With gratitude to the ambulance attendants who were so kind and capable in their care of me, Bowen Islanders are well served by such professionals.

Diane Marshall
Chair, Caring Circle.

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