Robust Response to Mental Health Survey

mental health imageThe Undercurrent – May 9, 2014
The Caring Circle is pleased to report that there was such a robust response to our mental health survey. We would like to thank those who attended the Forum and also thank those who filled out the survey.
Based on the answers to the survey, we have decided to begin our outreach with four education and skills building sessions, offered once weekly, starting the week of May 26th. They will be facilitated by one or more of the professionals who spoke at the introductory meeting. The sessions will be free of charge.
They are intended for those personally struggling with mental health issues and/or their friends and families. Perhaps you might just want to learn more about issues like anxiety and depression in order to better reach out to support a friend or family member.

Please call ‘Caring Circle’ and ask to speak to Colleen for more information about dates, times, location and whether this might be a good fit for you. We are working very diligently to respect people’s privacy and as an organization we understand that confidentiality is critical to this kind of programming.
We anticipate that after the four week education and skills building sessions, a support group will evolve.
We would also like to let you know that the Canadian Mental Health Association has created the “BounceBack” program which is designed to help adults with mild to moderate depression, with or without anxiety. It provides two forms of support: a free DVD (available at Caring Circle) which outlines skills and techniques to help people combat low mood and worry and one-to-one phone sessions with a Bounce Back Coach. You need a referral from your physician for this program.
While many people have asked for more education and resource information, a number of other people have asked that Caring Circle organize a walking group for those who are perhaps getting the professional support they need, but would like to spend time with others who have similar struggles in a social setting. To that end, we have simply set aside 10 a.m. on Monday mornings, starting May 12th. Once again, call Caring Circle and ask for Colleen, to let her know if you’re interested in participating, and she will let you know where to meet. This will not be “led” by anyone in particular. It is very organic and peer led. – See more at:

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