Some more stories we’d like to share…

We had an article in the Bulletin in June about the work our organization does in the Community and we promised to share a few more stories about who comes into Caring Circle and some of the issues that people are dealing with. We have a number of programs as many of you know, from our Driver Program, to our partnership in the Lunch Program, and our soon to be launched Befriending Program. But the major objective of the organization is to help people navigate the health care system. Specifically what does that look like on the ground? Here are some more stories of Caring Circle interventions that have had some positive impact on people’s lives on Bowen.

One young woman who has had difficulty with ADHD was becoming increasingly distressed around her inability to find meaningful work off Island. Caring Circle did some research and found an organization in North Vancouver who meet with people who struggle with disabilities and they did an assessment of her skills and interests and matched her with a job in the creative arts, and this has been the first secure job she’s had in many years. She was delighted as were her parents.

An elderly man was hoping to be discharged home from hospital despite his obvious frailty and lack of family to tend to his care. Some close friends said they would create a team of people to support him on a volunteer basis and came into Caring Circle to get a sense of what would need to be in place to make this discharge happen. Caring Circle connected them to a local psychiatrist who agreed to manage his care on Island, connected them to paid companion support people, housecleaners, garden help, medical equipment, home grocery delivery, private occupational therapist to make the house “walker ready”, and an emergency fall button. Caring Circle also gave them the connections to VCH home nursing support, and the Geriatric Outreach Team to have some oversight into this discharge. Things are going very well for this man and his friends are relieved to not be solely responsible for this vulnerable Islander.

A socially isolated very elderly woman was encouraged to attend a Community lunch. With much coercion from a relative she did finally attend and the Caring Circle Program Director made sure others at the luncheon connected with an old friend many had not seen for years. Since that first lunch this woman has continued to attend regularly and she has made some friendships with a small circle of friends who now visit with each other regularly.

An elderly man who was very emotionally fragile with a new and unusual cancer diagnosis came into Caring Circle just wanting to talk. When asked if he wanted to see a professional about his anxiety and depression, he said he just wanted to talk to someone else who was going through exactly the same diagnosis as he had and he would only talk to a male counselor. The Caring Circle Program Director called the Canadian Cancer Agencies’ Counseling Department and found a Counsellor whose work focused on these kinds of cancers, and that Counsellor found a man in Vancouver who could act as a peer support person. This connection saw this man through a long and difficult treatment regimen. He came into CC a year later to express his gratitude for the information we shared with him and the support with regard to books on cancer, pamphlets on various cancer treatment, nutrition after a cancer diagnosis and information about depression after a cancer diagnosis.

There are so many stories and we are now counting 1063 requests for support in accessing health or social services since opening our doors in 2013.

As with every non-profit, funding is always a challenge and we are thrilled to report that the Knick Knack Nook Re-use it Society has chosen Caring Circle as the recipient of the proceeds of their bi-yearly amazing auction. We couldn’t be more honoured and want to thank all the volunteers who help at KKN and put aside all the very special things that are dropped off to be put aside for their auction.

Please put the date in your calendars now – OCTOBER 15th at Cates Hill Chapel. And if you have any items of value that you no longer treasure and want to donate to a good cause, drop off at KKN and tell them you would like it to be put aside for the Fall auction.

Please visit us at Caring Circle anytime Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10 – 4 p.m. We’re behind the Library in the back room of the Heritage Cottage. Phone 604 947-9100.