Strengthening Families Together

mental healthAs the coordinator of Caring Circle and working in the resource centre, I’m starting to receive so much interesting information with regard to health and social support services that are available to us both on Island and in the Vancouver area. I’m trying to figure out what might be the best way to disseminate what I think might be some of the most interesting program information that comes my way. So I have posters in the windows and around the new Caring Circle office (Blue Cottage behind the library) but I thought I would also post on the Forum and perhaps in the undercurrent. So this FREE program focused on mental health looked like it might be of interest to many Islanders. Check out the course outline.

Strengthening Families Together
Helping Canadians Live with Mental Illness

STRENGTHENING FAMILIES TOGETHER is a FREE 9-session program providing information, skill-building, and support for those who have a relative or friend with a serious mental illness.

Learn about mental illness, treatment, support, and recovery
Learn how to cope and support your family member with mental illness
Learn problem solving, communication, and self-care skills
Learn about the mental health system of care
Visit for a detailed program outline. []


Mondays at 6:45pm starting Oct 7th
in Vancouver (W16th & Burrard)

Seats are limited. Pre-registration is required. For more info or to register please call: 604-727-5997 or


Colleen O’Neil