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Concussion (Traumatic Brain Injury) Education Session

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A few weeks ago Caring Circle organized and hosted a Concussion (Traumatic Brain Injury) Education Session with guest speakers including a brain health expert physician, a physiotherapist, two counsellors, and an educator.It was well attended and we know that there were others who wanted to attend but their schedules didn’t jive. So we’ve created this VERY SHORT survey to ascertain if there is any interest in providing some follow up programming with guest speakers that might cover topics we didn’t get around to in the first two hour session. We are wanting to know if there is a need on Island for a support group? walking group? education? tools to help you cope? What is it you need to support your healing process? Please fill out this survey to give us a sense of the needs in the community in this regard – it will just take 5′. And you need to press “submit” before this Saturday at 6 p.m. when the survey closes.

Concussion Information Survey

Call Caring Circle for any further information 947-9100

The Great Shake: Concussion Awareness and Management Workshop

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Concussions are serious injuries that can be fatal. Learn what you need to know to recognize and manage a concussion to ensure a return to work, learn and play without delay.

A workshop for athletes, coaches, parents, teachers, and anyone directly or potentially affected by a concussion.

Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015, 7:00- 9:00 pm
1041 Mt Gardner Rd: BICS, Bowen Island

Admission is Free
Presented by: Bowen Island Gymnastics Club
The workshop is interactive, including slides, videos, story-telling, discussion and online tools and quizzes.

Presented by Isabel Budke (MA, MRM, Co-Active® Coach, Educator and Concussion Survivor)

Isabel Budke is a professional leadership coach, educator, endurance athlete and long time Search and Rescue leader and trainer with Lions Bay SAR. She is also a multiple concussion survivor with senior expertise in the health sector.

On her difficult concussion recovery journey, Isabel has developed first-hand knowledge and experience of the available medical and para-medical support systems, research and education tools and recovery strategies for concussion clients. She will draw on her personal and others’ concussion stories—full of challenge and inspiration.

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