Thank you Bowen Firefighters!

Dear Editor:

Caring Circle would like to thank the Bowen Island firefighters for their recent donation to our organization.

We are proud to know that Bowen’s firefighters support us in our work – their donation will be put to good use providing health-related services that are very much needed in our community.

The founding purpose of Caring Circle is to help people feel safe and secure on Bowen by helping them connect to health and social service resources on Bowen and in Vancouver.

We have numerous programs to fulfill this purpose but the cornerstone of our outreach to the community is the Health Resource Centre next to the library. In the past three years, our program director has responded to more than 1,200 requests for information and support, each one directly helping Bowen Islanders and their families.

This donation will be put directly towards providing these health navigation services as well as supporting our various other programs, including the driver program, the lunch program, the “Connections” program, and the other educational opportunities we offer.

Just as we feel safe and secure knowing that Bowen firefighters are there for us when we need them, the Caring Circle endeavours to be there for our community when they need health support. Hence it is a great honour to know that the firefighters value and support our work in their community as we do theirs.

With great appreciation,

Maureen Witney
Chair of the Caring Circle board