Volunteers Needed

1) We are at the early stages of developing an emergency driving service for those who are vulnerable. We are looking for approximately 10 drivers who would transport clients on Island and in some instances, off Island as well. We are imagining that this might be used for the elderly, sick, after discharge from hospital, or shut in because of snow/weather and unable to appointments, or get food or essential supplies. Please call 604 947-9100 if you are interested in such a volunteer job and we can talk about the structure of how this might be done. This is not launched at this time but we are developing the model and would like to sit and discuss with interested volunteers.
2) We would like to have a list of volunteers who are able to be in the resource centre when our coordinator is either busy with visitors or might be attending meetings. There is very little expertise in this job and one can be easily oriented to the job. You must have good people skills is our primary requirement.
3) If you would like to occasionally help record some of our resources on cards and file on our shelves, this is a job that is easy and appreciated.
It’s sunny in our wonderful space and the Village Baker next door has wonderful treats to go along with the tea that will be served when your here!