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Caring Circle approaches BC Ferries about Assured Loading for Sick Bowen Islanders

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ferry5Ferry upgrades will help with wheelchair access and strollers.

Published: October 25, 2013

Bowen Island Undercurrent

The Bowen Island Municipality Transportation Advisory Committee (BIMTAC) meets twice a year, with senior officials from BC Ferries (BCF). We met last week, and there were a number of positive outcomes.

The Queen of Capilano will go in for an extended five-month refit (the mid-life upgrade, or MLU) in early 2015. BIMTAC has been working with BCF about both the issue of a replacement vessel (or vessels) and the work to be done on the Capilano. BCF have agreed that car carrying capacity will not be reduced during the MLU. BIMTAC will be presented with an analysis of options by the end of November.

The major construction item of interest to passengers will be provision for direct boarding at HSB on to the lounge deck for all foot passengers, including those in wheelchairs, baby carriages, etc. by cutting a new entry port into the vessel on the lounge deck. No more boarding at HSB on the sundeck! We will still have to get off from the car deck at Snug Cove, but the possibility will exist for second deck loading if and when BCF rebuilds the Snug Cove terminal.

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Colleen O’Neil Blindsided by Breast Cancer Diagnosis at Age 53

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colleen GolfingColleen O’Neil says she was blindsided by the diagnosis, at the age of 53, of breast cancer.
“There’s no family history, I’ve always been healthy, and I didn’t have any of the risk factors,” said the 61-year-old.

Lots of women discover a lump, she notes. But for many, breast cancer – including ductal carcinoma in situ, the most common type of non-invasive breast cancer and the type O’Neil had – only shows up in a mammogram, as what she calls “little grains of sand.”

B.C. has one of the best screening mammography programs in the country. Established in 1988 by the BC Cancer Agency, the 25-year-old Screening Mammography Program of B.C. was the first population-based screening program in Canada for the early detection of breast cancer.

Over the program’s life, the country has seen significant improvements in early detection and, consequently, survival rates of breast cancer.

“We have very good statistics showing that the survival of women with breast cancer has benefited from this program, that survival has in fact gone up, and that there’s been a 25 per cent reduction in breast cancer among women screened in the program,” Dr. Christine Wilson said.

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Driver Initiative Launched – September 28, 2013

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happy driverThe Caring Circle Advisory Committee is happy to announce their Driver Initiative Program. This program will be phased in over the next few weeks. In late spring, Barry Adams enthusiastically approached Colleen O’Neil, our volunteer Navigator/Coordinator, with the idea of starting a driving support team to help people on island who have no reliable means of getting to medical appointments (laboratory, physician, tests or procedures) both on Bowen and the Mainland.

Sixteen people have volunteered to be part of this driver team. As well, a Volunteer Support Team for this program has been formed; they are Mary Ellen deGrace, John Morrison and Diane Marshall. They have developed a Volunteer Driver Manual of guidelines for the drivers. All drivers must have completed a criminal record check, submitted a Driver’s Abstract from ICBC and attended a Driver Orientation to be a part of the Driver Team.
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New Facebook Ride Share Program on Bowen

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facebook logoThere is a new Facebook page which may be useful to people looking for rides to medical appointments or other errands

Strengthening Families Together

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mental healthAs the coordinator of Caring Circle and working in the resource centre, I’m starting to receive so much interesting information with regard to health and social support services that are available to us both on Island and in the Vancouver area. I’m trying to figure out what might be the best way to disseminate what I think might be some of the most interesting program information that comes my way. So I have posters in the windows and around the new Caring Circle office (Blue Cottage behind the library) but I thought I would also post on the Forum and perhaps in the undercurrent. So this FREE program focused on mental health looked like it might be of interest to many Islanders. Check out the course outline.

Strengthening Families Together
Helping Canadians Live with Mental Illness

STRENGTHENING FAMILIES TOGETHER is a FREE 9-session program providing information, skill-building, and support for those who have a relative or friend with a serious mental illness.

Learn about mental illness, treatment, support, and recovery
Learn how to cope and support your family member with mental illness
Learn problem solving, communication, and self-care skills
Learn about the mental health system of care
Visit for a detailed program outline.


Mondays at 6:45pm starting Oct 7th
in Vancouver (W16th & Burrard)

Seats are limited. Pre-registration is required. For more info or to register please call: 604-727-5997 or


Colleen O’Neil